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The greenhouse parts offered are designed to meet the needs of a variety of greenhouse structures. Our greenhouse product range includes greenhouse motors, greenhouse gearboxes, greenhouse power rollers, greenhouse steel racks and greenhouse rack drives, among others.

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ERH40 Gearbox for greenhouse

These are available a right-angled version (ERH40E) and a T-version with continuous drive shaft (ERH40D). The gearboxes drive torque up to 40Nm and have a rotational speed up to 40 rpm, suitable for intermittent operation and a duty cycle maximum of.

Slide Cardan Shafts for greenhouse

Stainless steel slide cardan shafts fitted with universal joints for mounting on 20mm diameter shaft, lengths varying between 751mm-3780mm. Connected to (winding) tubes by welded couplings or roll tube couplings.

Sheet Steel Racks for greenhouse

Sheet steel racks are available in lengths varying from 390mm-1948mm for rack forces 350N or 450N. Also a window connectors (with stainless steel bolt & self-locking nut).

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Popular Products

greenhouse parts

Slide Bearing Plates for greenhouse

Slide bearing plates with self-lubricating sintered bronze ring bearing for 1″ and 1 1/4″ tubular shaft are available in lengths varying from 92mm to 250mm.

greenhouse parts

Rack Drives for greenhouse

SSJ has rack drives available for 1″ or 1 1/4″ tubular drive shafts, straight or curved (inside or outside) racks, the rack drives feature hardened pinions (22mm and 30mm), with plastic guide rollers. TheEP rack drives are low-maintenance drives that can be used to drive continuous vents in greenhouses and flap systems in livestock sheds and stores, etc.

greenhouse parts

Chain couplings for greenhouse

Flexible zinc-plated coupling for extending tubular drive shafts. The chain coupling is suitable for absorbing small centering and alignment errors. The chain coupling set consists of two zinc-plated sprockets for the tubular shaft, a zinc-plated duplex chain and a zinc-plated master link. The sprockets for the tubular shafts are fixed to the tubular shaft by means of welding.

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SSJ has been supplying and building greenhouse components for every major manufacturer since 1977. Over the years, we have catered to all sizes and types and have built up a wealth of experience. The greenhouse components offered are designed to meet the needs of various greenhouse structures, our greenhouse product range includes greenhouse motors, greenhouse gearboxes, greenhouse power rollers, greenhouse steel frames and greenhouse frame drives, etc. Warmly welcome domestic and foreign customers to call to discuss business, exchange information and cooperate.

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